About our winery and wine house

The Mészáros family cultivates a vineyard of 120 hectares.

We have a wide selection of top-rated wines, thus we are present on the domestic and foreign markets by offering more than 10 different types of bottled wine, in addition to the red wines distinguishing the Szekszárd wine region. Our vinery mainly focuses on fresh, fruity wines, but we also offer stronger and heavier types.

Our wines are made in steel tanks by a closed system technology, in automated red wine fermenting tanks, with continuous laboratory control. The aging process takes place in barrique and bolster barrels. We bottle wine that was aged in cellars, built in loess soil, at optimal temperature and under optimal circumstances.

The Mészáros Vinery and Cellar is located in downtown Szekszárd, at Kossuth Lajos street 26. Our family bought this cellar – more than 250 years old – a couple of years ago, and we commenced reconstruction, always trying to maintain the original spirit of the place. Today our visitors enter a beautiful, imposing cellar. The main entrance was completed in the original style as well. Although processing does not take place here, the market requires that we offer wines aged in wood barrels. The environment nicely complements our products and allows us to hold wine tastings and other events or to serve hot meals. We opened our wine specialty store in Kossuth Street too, where we sell the whole range of products produced by the Mészáros Cellar, as well as the wine of several other Szekszárd producers.

Our 800 m2 cellar is covered by the original 250-year-old brick and is located at Kossuth Lajos street 26 in downtown Szekszárd. Our cellar was renovated in 2002 and expanded by three cupolas. Besides being a spectacular structure, it is an ideal place for storing red wine. We age our red wines here for 1-2 years in oak barrels continuously at 14 °C (57.2°F).


+36 30 303 3383


7100 Szekszárd
Kossuth Lajos utca 26.

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